Which plan is right for me?

SMSF Benchmarks provides 18 different reports as at the end of each month. If you are an SMSF investor, you may choose to subscribe to our service for a 12 month period. You can view and update your reports as often as you like.

As we will be able to show how your approach is working over the longer term, you may prefer to subscribe for a 2 year period, to receive a discount.

Your end-of-month valuations and transactions are needed to calculate returns for your fund and all other funds in a consistent way. You can engage us to do that for you via our "Elf" Inputting service. 

Alternatively you or your adviser can manually input the data, or import it by csv file (depending on your administration service). In due course many subscribers will be able to have their monthly data automatically fed in, with permission.

If you register as an Adviser (financial adviser / accountant / stock broker) then once we have verified your information we will issue you with an Adviser Code. From there you can purchase bulk subscriptions for your clients. It's up to you how you charge for your benchmarking service using our reports.

The adviser's name will appear on all reports, you will be able to view information and reports for all your clients on your Adviser home page, and in due course we plan to have special reports relating to your group of clients on the whole.

Enjoy the reports each month, and get the most from your fund.

Receive monthly updates about the performance of our  SMSF Benchmark portfolios , as well as commentary about what has been happening. Be...

Receive monthly updates about the performance of 27 Sub-Asset Classes. If you're not keeping up to date with the full range of options available to...

This is a single fund, 12 month subscription for investors with a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). Get started straight away and begin benchmarking how your fund is going compared with others!

Once we verify that you are an adviser and issue an adviser code, you can register and set-up your clients by purchasing bulk subscriptions. It’s then up to you how you charge your clients for your initial and ongoing service.

You can view reports for all your registered clients. We also plan to give advisers special reports relating to the performance of their clients as a group. These reports may help your clients and your business.

Foundation Members - get us to input your monthly data for FREE.

By engaging our “Elf” to input end-of-month valuations and monthly transactions for you, it can ensure accuracy and save you time. You can upload any reports (such as PDFs, scans, or excel spreadsheets) directly into your account, and we can access it from there in a secure environment.

In this way you can receive powerful information with very little time required.